FM pallet amplifier

A pallet is a basic amplifier module mounted on an aluminum or copper base plate. In its simplest form, a pallet amplifier has no RF connectors or electrical connectors and is ready to be bolted to a heatsink and have electrical connections soldered using semi-rigid or flexible coax cable. Pallet amplifiers are cost-effective building blocks. Complete amplifiers in a box with heatsink and connectors cost substantially more money. 

Divices: Mosfet BLF278 and Low power mostfet SD2942 PA's are now available with a copper base. Copper has double the thermal conductivity of aluminum. This means that the RF transistor will run cooler on a copper plate. Copper offers the best performance; however, copper is a semi-precious metal and this option is only recommended to those who are willing to pay extra for the highest quality available. All of our standard aluminum base and copper base pallet amplifier products must be mounted to a heatsink before they are placed into service.  ...More details....

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AmB and BCI USA agree to develment new version FM pallet amplifier aim to HD radio transmitter platform solution with digital error correction control.. read more... 


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  Digital Sound Processor

New Digital Stereo Encoder With DSP Filters and True Compressor The new SE4000 DSP+ is a high performance stereo encoder with Digital Signal Processor (DSP). It replaces our popular SE4 DSP+ and brings new features & greatly enhanced performance. Built-in compressor, precise LED limiter and balanced inputs, sharp 19KHz stereo carrier notch filter, pre-emphasis, improved channel separation and sharp filters all help to bring out really crisp sound; all courtesy of our DSP audio processor. SE4000 DSP+ can even be upgraded to RDS functionality simply by plugging-in a RDS daughter board. It is perfect for a demanding, but cost-conscious broadcaster. SE4000 DSP+ will make sure your signal stays where you want it, providing high quality audio with excellent channel separation without causing interference to nearby channels. High quality components and printed circuit board assure 24/7 operation for years.

  Commercial Grade FM Exciter

Professional no-tune 15 W FM transmitter MAX PRO 3+. 

Innovative design provides for amazing unparalelled RF field immunity, making it easy to integrate into an enclosure with an integrated 100-1000W amplifiers and use at various transmitter locations (system integrators will love this). It was developed to form the heart of various professional FM transmitters. 

Feature for the system integrators is possibility to connect this unit to our SE4 DSP stereo encoder, making it possible to use the same LCD display unit to set Mono/Stereo operation, preemphasis, compressor/limiter settings and bass/treble. Let's not forget the adjustable built-in SWR protection and overheating protection. Another welcome new feature are the on-board DIP switches, making it possible to set frequency and use the unit without the LCD. Output power can be adjusted in 3 jumper-selected ways, via on-board potentiometer,LCD display or a trimmer. You can easily set the power required to driver your favourite amplifier of choice. volutpat.

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